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Rio Visitors Wifi.

Buying Access

How to buy Rio Visitors Wifi Codes?

Around Rio’s hotel and travel agencies, or on our online sales page http://riovisitorswifi.com/wifi-plans

Who will process my payment? Why should I trust them?

Paypal and Stripe are World famous and reputable payment processing services. Your card info goes straight to their server via https protocol, so that it is encrypted from end-to-end. We dont get your payment info, nor do we want that responsibilty! That’s why we leave it to the pros.


My code didn't work. Can I get another?

Sure! Send us the code that didn’t work and we’ll analyse it. We’ll replace it if it isnt valid for some reason.

Can I get a refund?

Absolutely! In case you did’nt activate your code, we’ll refund 100%, no questions asked.

How can I get fast support?

Whatsapp is best +55 21 98894 9857 or email support@riovisitorswifi.com

I dont know where to insert the code?

You can do that on the “splash page” (aka “captive portal”), which is a webpage that asks for your to insert your access code. If you have chosen the Rio Visitors Wifi network in your wifi settings, you can for the splash page to appear by visiting a site like www.bbc.com or www.cnn.com (google sites don’t work).


Is My Wi-Fi connection with Rio Visitors Wifi secure?

Rio Visitors Wifi offers a secure signup and authentication process. Once you are online using either a Rio Visitors Wifi or partner SSID, you should make sure you’re on an SSL-secured site (https://…), or using a VPN to encrypt anything you send – just as you would from your home or work Internet connection.

Is the Wi-Fi network affecting my cellphone data service (3G or 4G)?

In short, no. It’s technically impossible for Wi-Fi to interfere with cellular service, and it’s actually illegal for anyone to interfere with cellular transmission. For the tech geeks among us, Wi-Fi and cellular data run on different frequencies, so they don’t directly interfere with each other.

Using Wifi

What is your wifi coverage?

We cover 90% of Rio’s tourist areas. If it is popular with tourists, we are there. You can view a map of hotspots here https://www.riovisitorswifi.com/coverage

How do I connect to Rio Visitors Wifi's Wi-Fi network?

Connecting through your browser: Simply open your network settings and connect to the “Rio Visitors Wifi Hotspot” network (or a Rio Visitors Wifi partner’s network, if you have one of our great plans). Launch your Internet browser, which should prompt the Rio Visitors Wifi page to load. If it doesn’t load right away, fear not, just attempt to load a non-https page, such as www.cnn.com. This should prompt the Rio Visitors Wifi page to load.If you are already a Rio Visitors Wifi subscriber, enter your username and password.* If you are not a subscriber, select the plan which best works for you! Rather buy a cup of coffee with your hard earned dollars? Don’t sweat, we often offer complimentary Wi-Fi sessions at our venues.

What do you mean "1 access code per device"?

Our wifi network works with unique (random) passwords, instead of one single password for all users. This way, we create a unique password for each period and for EACH DEVICE. If you want to use your wifi in more than one device (for instance your phone and laptop), you’ll need to buy two codes.

I'm walking along the beach but the wifi stopped working a block after I first connected. Why?

When walking between hotspots (we have one antenna in each block), you’ll need to browse anypage on your browser, so that your device connects to the new antenna. You can also hit “refresh” on any page in your browser. That should grant wifi to the other apps on your phone, like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Skype.

My wifi speed is slow. What should I do to get faster internet?

We pump 240Mbs of internet through our antenas, but if there are lots of other users near your hotspot, your internet will slow down (like on sunny a Sunday at the beach). We suggest walking closer to the buildings, as that is where our antennas are.

How do I find a Rio Visitors Wifi hotspot?

There are two easy ways to find Rio Visitors Wifi hotspots! http://www.riovisitorswifi.com/coverage

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